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You can then subscribe to the IT Grade 10 Theory textbook for free.

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Enjoy! (and please provide feedback using the make a comment link at tghe top of the page).

Learning Opportunities takes the boring old textbook and puts it into the much more navigable and interactive format of a web page.

That means we can make it easy to get to the content you need by using a quick, intuitive, drill-down layout.

We also include a Glossary that is linked into the content. See a term you don't understand - click on it and the glossary will pop up to explain it for you!

The heart and soul of learning is your involvement.

Reading and watching videos (and we've scoured YouTube for lots of those, making sure that they are relevant to the course) is simply not enough.

Research has proven that the best way to learn is not making notes or summaries or mind maps or highlighting text. In fact, the only guaranteed way to learn is to answer questions.

In fact, you should even take a quiz before you start new work - even if you fail it on your ……! Taking quizzes really does make a difference - especially if you get immediate feedback.

So, we have stuffed many, many quizzes (with immediate feedback) into the book. And games where you need to know the content to progress…

Try out the IT Grade 10 Theory Textbook for yourself.

We can't wait to hear what you think!